Leadership Tallahassee

Leadership Tallahassee is a year-long program that educates and encourages participants to actively seek positive and constructive changes in their community through leadership roles. Participants build a network of community trustees who enhance their problem solving skills and leadership abilities through shared perspectives and working together. Qualified applicants must have demonstrated leadership capabilities in the public or private sector or show a motivation to contribute to the Tallahassee community.

To learn more, visit http://leadershiptallahassee.com/

CareerSource Capital Region Startup Quest Program

Startup Quest™ is a 10-week hands-on learning experience for unemployed and underemployed educated professionals. The program provides an introduction to the processes required to form a startup company and develop a commercialization strategy for innovative technologies.

The most important ingredient of a successful Startup Quest™ training program is the mentor that works with  each team. Mentors assist participants in the design and development of business plans around cutting-edge technologies.

Mentors come from technology-based industries, such as software, information technology/information systems, aerospace, advanced materials and coatings, nanotechnology, robotics, medical devices, biotechnology, and life sciences.

Selected mentors have experience in bringing a new technology to market, as this is fundamental to the program.


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